High performance networking and security hardware, such as routers, firewalls and deep packet inspection tools, spend time and energy converting light to an electrical signals, and then back into light. Our solution removes these steps, improving transfer speed and improving energy efficiency.


Transmitting light through a waveguide is far more energy efficient than moving electrons. Not only that, our processor and transistor designs are simple and fabricated using established and less wasteful node technologies with more environmentally friendly base materials.


By using only light, we have created a system which is inherently electrically isolated, and has no issues with electromagnetic interference.

Photonics Everywhere

Your mouse, a laser measuring position. Your screen, displaying data using light. Your Blu-rays, data read with a laser. Your internet, provided using fiber optics. Your webcam, capturing light. Even keyboards are starting to use optical switches. Let's cut out the electron-middle-man.

Quantum Computer Compatibility

This technology is inherently compatible with quantum computers, and we are developing our technology to integrate with them once the technology hits the market.

Photonic VLSI

The main technological barrier to optical computers has been that optical logic gates have problems with cascadability, fan-out, etc. But we found that these problems become manageable on a large scale. So we took a leap and did what has been done in electronics: Research and create true design automation for very large-scale integration (VLSI) of purely optical gates. And it worked.

About Akhetonics

We are a growing team of highly motivated people out to break Moore's law with photons. Our team is an international and experienced group of individuals based in the EU. Our goal is simple, we want to create the world's first all-optical general-purpose processor.

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